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            General office of the state council on strengthening the internal combu… 2017-11-30  0 clicks

            Opinion by issued by the general office of the state council on February 6, 2013, opinion demands by 2015, energy-efficient internal combustion engine products a…

            The twelfth five-year plan of the mechanization in the country 2017-11-30  2 clicks

            The "12th Five-Year" period is a critical period for China to build a well-off society in an all-round way. It is also an important period for speeding…

            [by] the farmer cooperatives in the development of new opportunities 2017-11-30  0 clicks

            First of all, to further strengthen the position and function of farmer cooperatives."Decision" points out: "the economic system reform is the key…

            Agricultural machinery and equipment development plan in the next decad… 2017-11-30  0 clicks

            On December 22, 2016, the ministry, the ministry of agriculture and development and reform commission jointly issued the "agricultural machinery and equipme…

            Agricultural mechanization in our country to promote rapid development … 2017-11-30  0 clicks

            Efficient upgrade subsidy policy implementation specification, farm machinery equipment level to improve quickly.Central finance agricultural machinery purchase …

            [transfer] subsidies and many family farms in rich business opportuniti… 2017-11-30  0 clicks

            In 2014, a dramatic increase climbing the family farm.According to the ministry of agriculture, according to a survey last year, the average family farm scale ha…