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            CONTACT US

             Yancheng King-JD power machinery Co.,LTD 

            Mobile Phone:
            Web site:en.jiangdonggroup.com

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            Yancheng King-JD power machinery Co.,LTD is a professional committed to the research, development, production and sales of general machinery, general diesel engine, agricultural machinery and other end products.Moving machinery in China for many years has always been adhering to the "service of agriculture, benefit the people" business philosophy, and strive to deepen adjustment, hard skills, outstanding big drag two strategic priorities, and export business in the realization of enterprise transformation development benign interaction has realized the qualitative change.Company development at a speed of 20-30% a year, at present, King-JD wheeled tractor production and marketing in the industry leading position, is one of Chinese tractor industry influential brand.

            , King-JD machinery with institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes to carry out the manufacture-learning-research cooperation, the enterprise research and development, manufacturing capacity, received a significant boost to enhance enterprise independent innovation ability;At present the main product accumulated more than 3 million units, production and sales in the domestic 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, dealers from 2003 in 327 to expand to the current 852;Export countries and regions from 69 in 2003 to expand to 135 today.

            Now, King-JD machinery for the unit with the divisional system has formed the pattern of production and operation, products involved in walking tractor, wheeled tractor, combine harvester, rice transplanter, diesel engine, series of rotary cultivator, bridge, transmission parts, tools, and other areas of the "one main body two.

            Dynamic mechanical standing at a new historical starting point, China will be "quick, enhancing core competitiveness of enterprise internationalization globalization international professional agricultural machinery group" as the goal;On a journey into the first phalanx of agricultural machinery of the world ", to create new brilliance!